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Frank Albano Lawn Care Service is specializing in weekly lawn maintenance at reasonable rates.

Your lawn is our business!

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We dedicated to our clients to insure that your experience with us will allow you to feel comfortable in referring your friends to our services.

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Landscape Services

«FrankAlbano Lawn Care Service» is a full service landscaping company Located in Newton, MA. Serving Newton, Brookline, Weston, West Roxbury, Waltham and surrounding towns. Our major services include Lawn Maintenance, Mowing, Seeding, Mulching, Planting, Pruning, Spring/Fall Cleaning and snow and ice removal.

Having a beautiful lawn comes with many benefits.

  • Prevents soil erosion and restores the soil
  • Cleans the air by stabilizing dust and smoke particles
  • Absorbs rainwater and cools the environment

Get a right landscaping company to take care about your lawn and your neighbors will envy you.

Looking to hire a lawn service? Call «Frank Albano Lawn Care Service» at (617)519-0558 to learn more about the lawn and landscape services we provide in Boston area.


Summer is the best time to enjoy «Frank Albano Lawn Care Service». Mowing the lawn could be a beneficial for your grass. Proper mowing increases the density of the lawn, which in turn decreases weeds. It is important to keep the right grass length to maintain a healthy lawn. Grass grows from the bottom up. We typically trim the top third and that promotes a root system to grow deeper and reach water that is further down in the soil. Removing more than 1/3 height at one time can do damage to the grass. The grass should be taller during the summer months, at the same time, it is also important not to let the grass get too long. In cooler weather, we can cut the grass a little lower. We recommend mowing grass higher in shaded areas under trees. In these areas, grass has to compete with tree roots for water and nutrients.

Another important aspect of mowing for the health of your lawn is the mulch that is produced afterwards. The mulch should be spread throughout your yard evenly without any clumps or rows. It's also good for your lawn. This technique (known as grass cycling) returns nutrients to the grass and soil and helps retain moisture your lawn. The easiest and cheapest option is to throw on a mulching blade and mulch while you mow. The pieces break down quickly and reduce the amount of fertilizer you have to use by as much as 25 percent. Another option is to collect the dead grass clippings and add them to your compost bin.

Each type of grass has a recommended mowing height. Find out which type of grass is in your lawn. Call us at (617)519-0558 for a FREE Lawn Evaluation. It is very important to check the type of grass in your yard before taking any serious steps.

The mowing season in New England usually begins in May and continues throughout the end of October. Our mowing service includes cutting and trimming all edges of all lawn areas, and blowing the trimmings off all hard to reach areas. Performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis May through October. Lawns grow faster in the spring and in the fall, so a bi-weekly cutting schedule is not offered during these periods. We always maintain a height of 2-3 inches and never cut over 1/3 of grass leaf in one cut for your vigorous lawn. The maintenance crew may determine that your lawn does not require a cut. In this instance, a notice will be left by the crew to inform you and there will be no charge for the visit as no services have been performed on your property.

Call «Frank Albano Lawn Care Service» at (617)519-0558 to learn more about landscape services that we provide in Newton, Brookline, Weston, West Roxbury, Waltham and other surrounding towns.


Mulching beds improve the appearance of any landscape. A layer of mulch provides many other benefits such as the reduction in temperature fluctuations in the soil, conserving moisture in the soil, suppressing weed growth. Mulch can protect a plant's root system, add nutrients to the soil and slow the erosion of topsoil.

Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy landscape. If you would like to hire someone to perform the work, you can find the right person at: Mulching beds improve the appearance of any landscape and provides a finished look to your garden. A layer of mulch gives many other benefits such as the reduction in temperature fluctuations in the soil. During the hot summer, mulch keeps the soil cooler, protecting plant roots from extreme heat and reducing the need for constant watering. During the winter, mulch insulates the soil and plant roots, helping to prevent soil heaving.

Mulch conserving moisture in the soil by preventing loss of water by evaporation and reducing the need for frequent watering.

Mulch suppressing weed growth serves as a barrier if it is long enough approximately 3" and can prevent weed germination. Any weeds will be easier to pull.

Mulch can protect a plant's root system, increase the infiltration of water, add nutrients to the soil and slow the erosion of topsoil. Mulch adds protection and serves as a buffer from forces potentially damaging to the soil underneath.


Improper mulching could become a killer for your trees and shrubs. Before re-mulching, turn the old mulch to allow air, water and nutrients to reach plant roots. Old mulch can actually harm plants by creating a layer that does not decompose and does not allow root growth, water cannot penetrate to the roots, and the plants will suffer. Leave three to six inches between trees / shrubs and mulch, avoid covering perennials.

We recommend stripping off as much of the old mulch as you can and top dress with an inch of new mulch. Make sure the mulch layer less than three inches deep. Mulch over three inches deep does more harm than good and must be removed. Apply fertilizer to the stripped beds before you put down the mulch. Make sure the mulch does not touch the trunk of trees or shrubs. Mulch "rings" around trees protect the tree from lawn mower and trimmer string attacks, and it looks nice. Call us at (617)519-0558 to learn more about our services.

Spring / Fall Cleaning

Spring clean-ups begin as soon as weather permits. Fall Clean-Ups are performed mid-October through November or early December.

Spring / Fall Clean-Up consists of the removal of all leaves and debris from all lawn and shrub areas, sweeping all roadways, parking area, and sidewalks, removing sand from edges of lawn areas, cleaning out mulch beds, pruning all dead and damaged tree branches and shrubs in areas local to buildings, edging all shrub, tree, and gardens beds.


Pruning is completed during July and August, but can be completed at any time of the year if a plant has grown too large for its location. Regular annual pruning of shrubs controls the size of the plant; helps define the shape and density of the plant, with new growth and flowering.